Rolling Mills Tuning

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Rolling Mills Tuning

Cold Rolling Mill Automation System – Detailed Case Study .

The mill returned to producing prime-quality material two shifts after the changeover. Fine tuning by TelePro commissioning engineers continued for one week following initial startup. Since commissioning, no additional site visits have been required to support the system.

Industrial for cold rolling mills - ABB Group

IndustrialIT for cold rolling mills The next generation of automation system and solutions Andreas Kroll, Andreas Vollmer . model tuning and better prediction quality is gained by using the included parameter estimation algorithms and the aids for model validation.

Steel Rolling - castellc

Compared with 4-Hi and 6-Hi rolling mill, the SR12 has smaller working rolls, which can facilitate rolling of carbon steel, low-alloy steel, silicon steel and the very thin strips with a maximum of over 90% reduction in one rolling process. The SR12 has two types: single stand and double stand.

A Flatness Based Approach for the Thickness Control in .

Typically, rolling mills consist of several mill stands with a pay off reel on the entry side and a tension reel on the exit side. In the case of continuous cold rolling mills in combi-nation with a pickling line on the entry side the pay off reel is replaced by a bridle roll. For the sake of clearness we

On PI-controller Parameters Adjustment for Rolling Mill .

We consider a problem of an on-line tuning of linear controller parameters used for a rolling mill drive control. A neural tuner of PI-controller for current control loop is developed.

Optimization of cold rolling mill process to improve .

Rolling mills consists of rolls, bearings, housing for containing these parts and a drive for applying power to the rolls and controlling the speed [9]. . tuning if process parameters & effective in achieving significant cost saving & product quality improvement.

Strip Thickness Control of Cold Rolling Mill with Roll .

Also we propose roll eccentricity compensation by using Fuzzy Neural Network. The paper is organized as follows: in Section 2, a brief description of the cold rolling process is presented. In Section 3, a mathematical model has been driven for single-stand cold rolling mill.

Hot Strip Mill Model - INTEG Process Group

Hot Strip Mill Model Introduction The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), in conjunction . • Flow Stress Tuning – a built-in tool that allows the flow stress equations to be tuned to match . The Mill Configuration Screen allows the user to set-up the rolling mill to be used in the modeling

Thickness Control for a Steel Beam - MATLAB & Simulink Example

Unfortunately, rolling mills have some amount of cross-coupling between axes because an increase in force along x compresses the material and causes a relative decrease in force along the y axis. Cross-coupling effects are modeled as shown in Figure 5 with gxy=0.1 and gyx=0.4.

Hydraulic gap control of rolling mill based on self-tuning .

In this paper, we studied the self-tuning fuzzy PID controller and successfully applied it to the HGC system of the rolling mill. The ARX approach was used to obtain the controlled plant model, and the fuzzy controller was used to tune PID parameters.

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This is a new combination rolling mill with 5 rollers. This is a well made rolling mill used for rolling out silver, gold, etc. into wire or sheet. Rollers are fabricated from selected high carbon ste.

Strip Thickness Control of Cold Rolling Mill with Roll .

In rolling mill, the accuracy and quality of the strip exit hickness aret very important factors. To realize high . Neural Network with online tuning. Simulink model for the overall system has been implemented using MAT-LAB/SIMULINK software. The simulation results .

Application of Fuzzy Inference to Gain Tuning in Thickness .

In this paper, investigation has been made into application of fuzzy inference to an automatic tuning problem of control gain in predictive thickness control of multi high rolling mills. First. the tuning know how of the operator was extracted and expressed in fuzzy rules. Next. tuning of the fuzzy rules was carried out through simulation.

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Box mill or column mill Very basic hobbyist bench-mounted milling machines that feature a head riding up and down on a column or box way. C-frame mill These are larger, industrial production mills. They feature a knee and fixed spindle head that is only mobile vertically.

Simulating a Multi-Stage Rolling Mill Process, Part 3 .

From the series: Simulating a Multi-Stage Rolling Mill Process Alec Stothert, MathWorks This webinar is the third in a three-part series that highlights the use of MathWorks products for modeling and control of a multistage rolling mill process.

RX roller guide technology for long product rolling mills

RX roller guide technology for long product rolling mills Balancing stock levels, product delivery times, mill productivity and cost control is not easy, especially in speciality steel long product mills. Morg rdshammar has developed a new rolling concept and the RX roller guide as a Ôproduction systemÕ to optimise these mills by providing


Gauge Control Loop Tuning and Design for Single-Stand Rolling Mills and Quality Improvement 10.15-11.30 Tandem Mill Multivariable Control to Reduce Disturbances and Interaction 10.15-11.30 Benchmarking and Data Analysis Methods for Economic Optimisation and System Tuning 11.30-12.15 Demonstration and Hands-On Simple Control Examples 11.15-12.15

Fine-tuning of the rolling mill using an Internet-based on .

AbstractIn order to meet the challenge of steady growing pressure to improve product quality, rolling mills employ extensive automation and sophisticated on-line data sampling techniques. However, the steel sheet quality is influenced by the entire 'life history' of the rolled strip.Application of the self-organizing maps helps to discover hidden dependencies influencing the quality .

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The self-tuning control technique has resulted in a remarkable production improvement in many cases. Today there are more than 500 self-tuning regulators installed in different processes within cold rolling mills, continous casters, energy plants and chemical plants.

High Efficiency Steel Re-rolling Mill for Round Billet

Rolling mill is a mill or factory where ingots of heated metal are passed between rollers to produce sheets or bars of a required cross section and form. We supply the whole production lines, from induction furnace, CCM to rolling mills, cooling bed and packing.

News - Stigelius S.L. - Process tuning, taking the rolling .

Stigelius S.L. is a consulting company offering unique level of Know how for process control systems for long product Rolling Mills. Stigelius doing Process Tuning at Acindar The first visit for Process Tuning at Acindar's SBQ Combination Mill have been successfully completed, improving the performance of the Wire Rod Outlet.

Two sTeel mills, boTh Alike - rblanchard

est rolling mill for steel plates in the country: 120 inches wide. A . Two sTeel mills, boTh Alike by Roy Blanchard. 1 2 3 . the plates that made the 152 "tuning forks" or "trees" at the base of the world Trade Center's Towers 1 and 2 when it went up in 1969

The application of self-tuning control to rolling mill .

The introduction of self-tuning control techniques to the Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) system of a rolling mill is considered. This is a new application of pole-placement self-tuning control and no comparable examples have been found in the literature. Initially, an existing ACSL model was investigated and a simpler version, suitable for on­

Fuzzy Tuning PID Control of Strip Rolling Mill Hydraulic .

system, a simulation platform of rolling mill is set up, and a fuzzy tuning PID controller is designed to realize position control for the hydraulic system. The control effect of the proposed fuzzy tuning PID controller is compared with that of a general PID controller .

Dynamic Matrix Control (DMC) of Rolling Mills

Dynamic Matrix Control (DMC) of Rolling Mills Abderrahim Abbas Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Bahrain, Bahrain A dynamic matrix control (DMC) algorithm is used for the control of the exit strip thickness of a simulated rolling mill. The DMC is tuned

tuning channel of rolling mills -

rolling mills optimisationcitycastledelhi • Simulation of Rolling MillsOptimisation and System Tuning.high cold rolling mill Thehigh rolling mill is designed with . More Info Rolling Mills Bar & Grill - Girard, Ohio - Menu, .

TOTW: Rolling Mills Are Burning Down (11/26/09 .

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What is Physical Simulation? - Gleeble

Fine-Tuning Rolling Mills Through Physical Simulation When it comes to adjusting a mill for rolling a new alloy or fine-tuning the process for higher production or a better product, mill operators proceed cautiously to protect their investment in the mill itself and the material they are rolling.


11th INTERNATIONAL ROLLING MILL ACADEMY 2-6 March 2009 - Glasgow, Scotland The lectures will be given by leading international experts in hot and cold mill control systems. As well as providing an in-depth understanding of the theory they will also explain the practical issues of implementing rolling mill control systems.

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tuning channel of rolling mills - kass. tuning channel of rolling mills. tuning channel of rolling millsRolling (metalworking) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In metalworking, rolling is a metal forming process in which metal.